Mind of Childhood

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About This Project

The inspiration for this piece actually came from a friend who asked me quite clumsily if I would like to paint this motif. His suggestion grabbed me directly, I was taken with it and had some ideas and visions right away.
For this piece of art I chose strong and bright colors. I was inspired by different artists, concerning the way the picture was painted. From these techniques and my imagination I found my own way to create this artwork. I used an official picture of the Disney Castle as a reference.

This interpretation of the Disney Castle is a piece of best childhood memory and symbolizes joy, emotion, morality, fantasy, faith, security, wellbeing and family. It should convey a feeling of joy through the strong and bright colors. The unclean and free lines from which the artwork was created should give the artwork an impression of freedom and dynamics. The piece should arouse the imagination of the viewer through its nature. It should also have a harmonious effect on the viewer and evoke memories and feelings.


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